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    Redefining lab automation for faster and more reliable research 


    Immunohistochemistry Automation

    Did you know that 89% of research data are not reproducible?

    Autuno is changing that stats by bringing automation and cloud to the process. Want to check out the video of our robot? Contact us here

    Machine learning

    Machine Learning

    We see opportunities in images.

    Imagine counting cells in this image manually? With our Machine Learning data analysis suite, you can train the system to analyze the images automatically, reducing human bias and increasing the accuracy of diagnosis.

    Internet of Things

    Control the Autostainer anytime, anywhere

    Imagine the convenience of controlling the Autostainer remotely. That means, no going to the lab on weekends!

    Check out our video here!

    See how we are changing lab research.

    Learn how to do IHC here!

    Step by step guidelines on IHC

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  • Problems We are Solving

    To find a cure to cancer, something must change

    19.3 M

    People affected by cancer by 2025. 

    50 years

    The number of years the technique Immunohistochemistry has been invented. 

    But nothing much has ever changed since. In order to improve drug discovery and accelerate basic research, this has to change. 

    3 days

    The average number of days needed to complete an IHC experiment by a researcher.

    Imagine how many experiments you could do in the meantime if you have 'Walk Away Automation' on this technique. 

    With the cloud, data can be pulled into a single platform, allowing easier and faster analysis. 


    The cost of 50 microlitres of primary antibody (a reagent for IHC). That's 12 times more expensive than gold of same weight.

    Imagine how human errors in the staining process could lead you to repeat an experiment over and over again, costing you money and time.

  • Why Automation?

    Just push a button and let the experiment run by itself. Want to enjoy lab automation like our lab partners? For a limited time only, we are offering research/academic labs to trial the machine for free!

  • Why Machine Learning & IoT?

    Get more accurate results and have full control over the whole experiment process. Ditch the cell counter and let our software do the counting for you!

  • Press and Workshops

    Look who's talking about us!

    City of Sciences, Naples

    We were mentioned in the City of Sciences event, held in Naples. Help accelerate cancer research by spreading the words to someone who might find our machine useful.

  • Who We Are

    Mun Ching Lee


    Armed with 8 years of research experience, Mun Ching wants to change how IHC is done in the lab.

    Irio Lavagno

    Hardware & Software Engineer

    Irio is responsible for engineering and construction of the product. Boasts 12 years of experience in industrial automation in Lavazza, FIAT, and Lottomatica

    Radoslaw Kowalski

    Machine learning developer

    Radoslaw is in charge of the machine learning component of the machine and the image analysis software. Collaborated with Argos, UK and UK's National Health Service.

    Carlo Alberto Seneci

    Robotics engineer

    Carlo graduated from the prestigious Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery and had been involved in design and building of several surgical robots. He also has experience in industrial automation. With Autuno, he applies his engineering expertise in hardware development. 

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